August 20: Service Changes and Website Updates

Dear Customer,

Please take the time to read the below statement as, over the next 10-14 days, we will be undergoing some temporary changes in order to improve our service and experience for our customers.

Changes to our Service

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be taken important measures in order to make our service greater for our customers.

The first, and most significant, change will be removing contact lenses from our stock list so that we can focus solely on providing quality eye care products and services to our customers. Through our links in the independent optical industry, we believe we can lead the way in providing eye care products to the consumer as our purchasing behaviour moves online in the wake of Covid-19.

Website Changes

To support this change, we will be rebranding our business to Eye Lounge. In addition, our website will undergo a complete overhaul in order to make it easier and more seamless to purchase.

New Subscription Feature

We will also be making considerable changes in order to make your experience with us even greater. For example, our new subscription feature which will ensure your eye care products are delivered consistently to your personal schedule and at the best prices you can find online.

Delays to Your Orders

For the next 10-14 days, we unfortunately will be experiencing delays in our supply chain as we look to transition all the changes listed above. We hope you understand that these changes will benefit you and our customers in the long run.

Kind regards,
Lens Lounge Team