Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update and Statement from Lens Lounge

23rd March 2020

Following on from our previous update regarding COVID-19, as of Tuesday 24th of March our delivery lines will be closed indefinitely to support the advice encouraged to us by the UK government and National Health Service. 

Whilst we understand our service is essential for some of our customers, we are taking measures to put our service on hold for the health of the wider community. We are still open to taking orders via our website which we will process and put on hold until our delivery service resumes. 

We hope this is only short, but in the meantime we will be communicating to all customers with outstanding orders to discuss providing refunds if necessary. 

If you have any questions or queries, our phone lines are still open as normal and our customer service team are still on hand to assist.

In these troubling times our thoughts continue to be with families and individuals who have been affected by the coronavirus.

Kind regards,

15th March 2020

Dear customer, 

On behalf of all of us at Lens Lounge, we are truly sorry for any inconvenience the coronavirus may be causing to you and your family.

We would like to provide clarity on our stance around COVID-19 and what our plans are with regards to issuing orders to our customers over the coming weeks. 

As a business operating within the optical industry, and since we share a physical facility with an independent optical practice, we are responsible for following the guidelines set out to us via the NHS. We confidently place our trust in the advice of the professionals associated with The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE) and following their guidance around COVID-19. 
In recent days, we have seen measures escalate quickly to limit social contact and encourage self isolation where possible. This is strongly encouraged for those who are elderly and those who have underlying health problems. To our customers which fall into these two categories, we strongly reiterate the need to follow government advice where possible. However, we understand that due to the nature of our business and the demographic of customers we serve that, although isolating may be a necessary measure, the products you purchase are very much still a necessity. 
As a result, until the NHS and governing bodies declare otherwise, we will be keeping our service open so customers can still place orders to receive the products they need to maintain healthy vision as normal. We do recommend however stocking up on purchases to last you until normal business resumes, which we hope will not be too far away. 
We understand that economic impact of this situation for the consumer is substantial, and so ordering larger than usual orders can be an inconvenience. To help ease financial pressure wherever we can, adding ‘SAVE’ to the discount code section of your basket will remove 10% of the price from your order.
If the situation develops and the public, staff and businesses are asked to stay at home, we will keep our lines of communication open via phone, email and live chat on the website and will also allow orders to be placed online. Once our delivery lines are open again, we will be sending out any orders placed as quickly as possible.
Our sincere thoughts are with anybody affected by the virus and we will keep our customers updated as the situation develops.
Kind regards,
Cullen Evans
Managing Director